Become a MKS-Graphics Verified Template Creator

It has always been our goal to produce the best possible templates for MX Graphics creators and businesses. We spend a lot of time, effort and money to make sure that our templates are accurate, have a perfect fit, have been tested and, most important of all, are legit. This is also the reason why our library of templates isn’t as extensive as some of our competitors out there. It’s not always possible for us to get every model into our shop, certainly not fast enough as some models aren’t even coming to our country (the Netherlands).


As the owner of MKS-Graphics, I have created every template that we offer for sale on our website myself. Every part has been in my hands, has been traced by me, digitized by me and testfitted by me. Because of this, we have earned the reputation of being the most trustworthy template creator and seller on the internet. This is something we are proud of, but we’d like to do more. As mentioned before, our ‘competitors’ usually have a bigger library of templates on offer. I use the term competitor lightly, as most of the more well-known sellers out there are selling templates illegitimately by stealing, downloading and receiving them from others (who also aren’t the original creators). They exist purely to make a quick buck, not to make the best possible product. 


In order for us to compete with them and to offer our customers a wider range of templates and preventing them from buying faulty or stolen templates elsewhere, we have started our MKS-Graphics Verified Template Creator program. This will allow us to purchase templates from other creators and offer these for sale on our website. We will pay our Verified Template Creators a fair price for their templates and they are also allowed to keep selling their templates as they seem fit. Since we have a big audience that we can reach out to, a creator who might not be able to sell his or her template enough times to make it worth their while, can now sell it to us for a good price and keep on selling it as they see fit. 


To become a MKS-Graphics Verified Template Creator, the person selling their templates to us must be able to provide adequate evidence that they themselves have made the template, and they will have to provide us with photographs of that particular template fitted to the vehicle (which will also be added to the product images on our website). We will only accept good fitting, complete and legitimate templates. Our highest priority is to keep the quality of the templates on our website extremely high. 


If a template is accepted and purchased, it will be offered for sale on our MKS-Graphics website. Since it’s a template that has not been created by me personally, it will feature the label ‘Made by verified template creator’. In the description it will also mention the name or business of the creator. This way a customer will always know if it’s a template made by us or by one of our Verified template creators. It is important to us to keep this transparent, as we’ve always claimed that all of the templates on our website have been created by the same person. This will of course change when our verified template creator program goes live, but it is important to make that distinction for our customers. 


How to become a verified template creator

To become one is simple; if you offer a template to us and we purchase it; you are a Verified Template Creator. It doesn’t matter if it’s just one template or dozens, when a template has been accepted and purchased from you, that template will be added to our website as a ‘Made by verified template creator’ product. You can choose to have your *name or company added in the product description.


*Links to your website or shop are not allowed. Also having a name that contains the word ‘templates’ or anything related to templates is not allowed as that will create a conflict of interest by intentionally trying to redirect customers of MKS-Graphics to your own page.   

Quality and legitimacy

Before we purchase a template, you will have to prove to us that you are the legitimate creator of that template. You will have to be able to show us either scans or photographs of the original traced parts, preferably with a timestamp (can be found in the metadata of the photographs). If you are unable to show us these, we cannot buy the template. 


If you are able to show us these and we decide to accept, you will have to provide us with multiple photographs of the template fitted to the part or vehicle. It will have to show each part and each version of the template you’ve made. The photographs have to be sharp, have a good resolution and have to accurately portray the fitment of the template. These photographs will also be added to the product on our website for potential customers to view. We do not accept templates that do not have fitment images. 


If there has been any tampering with the fitment by means of (for example), cutting parts away by hand to make them appear to fit better than they truly do, we reserve the right to nullify the agreement and demand back the amount that has been paid for that particular template. 


The actual template file itself must be correct. It must be without a bleed and it must be compatible with current vector software. It will need to be sent to us as both an .AI and .EPS. We will create the preview image for our website and we reserve the right to change or alter the template if necessary. The template itself must also be traced correctly and must not contain any artifacts, ‘hooks’, gaps or otherwise degrading features that can cause issues for the customer.


If the template proves to be faulty, incorrect or has bad fitment, we reserve the right to remove it from our website and to claim a refund. We can also choose to contact you to enable you to fix issues that have been encountered. 


A template made by tracing OEM decals or other decals in general will not qualify. The template has to be made from scratch using the part. 


Information that is important to customers must be included in the template file. This can be information like; what part to use is recommended if multiple versions have been made, warnings about parts that might be incorrect or are often changed on bikes or if a template is difficult to apply. 


You must also provide us with the correct information about the template, like the brand, model and type it’s been made for, if the template has been made using OEM or aftermarket parts and other information that is relevant. 



When you offer a template to us, we can choose to buy it from you. You present us with an offer what seems fair to you, and we can either choose to accept, decline or present you with a counter offer. The price that we are willing to pay for a template depends on a variety of factors. The quality of the template, the popularity of the product you’ve made the templates for, the likelihood of people needing that particular template, the availability of templates for that product that already exist and more. 


If we choose to purchase a template off you, you will also receive a 5% discount on all of the other templates on our website for each template we purchase off you. For each template we buy off you, you will receive an additional 5% discount. Since you are a template creator, it’s likely that you also produce graphics and thus will need templates you haven’t been able to make yourself. The maximum discount that can be earned is 70%. 


At the moment, we cannot offer a percentage per sale, and thus we have to resort to a one-time payment for your product. Our current website and platform where we host our files on does not support this, and having this made is very costly. 


Terms and conditions

Once a template has been sold to us, you are allowed to sell this template to others. However, it is not allowed to sell that same template to other template providers (e.g, not give a license to sell your template). If that is already the case, this will have to be mentioned to us before we decide to purchase that template or not. 


If you are a member of our Discord group and one of our members is searching for a template, it is not allowed to pitch your template when it has been purchased by us, as this will create a conflict of interest. If it’s a template that hasn’t been purchased, created or offered by us, then you are allowed to pitch your own template. 


We are allowed to set our own price for the purchased template and you are allowed to set your own price for your template to sell after having sold it to us. It is however not allowed to pitch your template on any of our social media platforms or chat rooms like Discord or message our members directly to undermine our sales.