Motocross & Supermoto templates

The best motocross templates on the market; period. All of our templates are made by one person since 2015 and are constantly updated. We offer the best fitment and quality; guaranteed. If a template is updated after you have purchased them, you will be notified by e-mail that it has been updated, and you can download the updated version for free.


Most of our templates are complete and are perfectly aligned, and surely better than 95% of the templates that are offered online, which are for the most part terrible and the same ones have been stolen and are sold everywhere. If there is anything wrong or if the fitment is not as desired, you can contact us and show us the problem, and we will try to fix it as soon as possible.

''Perfect fitment, precisely aligned, complete, regularly updated, free downloadable updates, fast respond to e-mail, all templates in house''

Every single one of our templates has been put to use, and nearly all of them have been applied by the same person who made them. When a customer notices issues like the decal pulling loose in a ridge or something, we will update the template accordingly. Our templates are NOT available anywhere else and are unique in their quality. We offer full support and take great pride in our products, so you won't be dissapointed.


We also sometimes offer different variants of templates, like a one piece fender or in multiple pieces. 

''All of our templates have been made by one person since 2015''


Our most recent templates feature an even better fitment and positioning indicators. These small indicators will make positioning the decals easier and will make sure that the decal won't come lose on top of a sharp edge where it folds to the side. If these are lined up with the correct edges, you can't go wrong with applying them. Not all of our templates have these yet, but we are updating more and more of our templates for an even better fitment quality.


Our goal is to provide the best templates that exist. We also make sure that the decals can be applied without too much stress, causing the adhesive to fail. Even though we try to keep the decals as intact as possible (big pieces, not many small ones because the seams are ugly), we know exactly where relief cuts and openings should be for the best lifespan.

NOTE: it is strictly prohibited to sell, give away or trade our templates after they have been purchased. We keep close track of the companies/persons who buy our templates. If we suspect or see that our templates are being sold without our written consent, legal action will be taken. Failure to do so is a violation of international copyright and trademark laws subject to specific financial and criminal penalties. We will not hesitate to take action once a violation has occurred.