The Ultimate Design Bundle: 31 Fully Editable Vector MX Designs

We now have all of our MX graphics pre-made designs available in one pack. 


This pack contains every (31) pre-made MX design we’ve made so far (except for our streetbike designs). 


These pre-made designs are made on our own templates (which are included, also as seperate files) and come each with 4 profesionally 3D rendered promotional images. It will also include the original, editable vector file of the design in both .EPS and .AI file formats. 


When purchased, these designs can be used however you like, royalty free. You are allowed to change the designs, promote them as your own, add your logo and sell graphic kits. If you bought it; it’s yours. 


Below you can view the list of all of the designs that are included in this pack. When you click on any one of them, you will go that product page. Everything you see on that product page will be included in this pack. 


Kawasaki - Venom
Suzuki - Enigma
Kawasaki - Stellar
Honda - Semper Fi
Honda - Entity
Kawasaki - Leasion
Kawasaki - Flow
Honda - Redeemer
Honda - Proxima
Yamaha - Night City
GasGas - Cloaked
GasGas - Inferno
Kawasaki - Cyberware
Husqvarna - Serenity
Honda - Keplar
Honda - Lightning 2
Honda - Lightning 3
Honda - Lightning 4
Honda - Lightning 1
KTM - Bolt
KTM - Orange Crew
KTM - Fox
Kawasaki - Warfare
Yamaha - Vendetta 1
Yamaha - Vendetta 2
Yamaha - Katana
Husqvarna - Shades
Husqvarna - Ace 1
Husqvarna - Ace 2
Husqvarna - Bass
TM - Fortunate


When you click the buy button, you will be redirected to Gumroad where you can finalise the payment. After the payment has been made you can download the files right away. 


Note: It is not allowed to put the files up for download.

Note: If you have not purchased these designs, you are not allowed to use it, sell it or do any kind of promotional activities with it.

Note: These files do NOT include 3D models of the bike, only the vector files with the designs, templates and promotional images (jpeg's).
Note: Coreldraw users need to know how to handle Illustrator files as they can run into issues sometimes.

Note: The images on the website contain a watermark. Once downloaded, the watermark will be gone and the images have a higher resolution.
Note: The outline of the design is the cutting line! You will have to add a bleed yourself. Everyone does this differently, so we do not include the bleed.