3D Scans & Models

These are scans made with the Einscan HX 3D scanner. All these scans have been made with the 0.5mm accuracy setting. The files include the .STL and the .OBJ formats once downloaded. 


These scans can be used for a variety of applications like reverse engineering, digital product mock-ups, getting precise measurements or using them as reference if you want to model them to create game-ready assets or similar. We provide additional information with each scan to make sure that you know what you are getting. 

3D Scans

3D Models

All of the 3D models that we offer for sale have been made by or for us. All downloads contain both a . Blend & .OBJ file. These models can be used to add to or increase the level of detail and realism of 3D dirtbike models. Click on the image or button to see more images. 


Important: When opening the .Blend files, you may experience purple textures. This is because we have used a commercial texture that we are not allowed to provide with our downloads as they are not our property. Most files like the carbon fiber image, roughness images etc. have been purchased and/or downloaded on textures.com if you wish to add them yourself. 

Full 3D models