About our templates

It's hard to find templates that actually fit well and deliver what they promise. It's even harder to weed the good ones from the bad ones, especially since every website states that they have the best templates, quality etc.

We are no exception to that statement, although we actually make all of the templates ourselves. In fact, I, the owner of MKS-Graphics, have made all of the templates myself since 2015, and i've only felt comfortable selling them since last year. For that reason we do not have the largest selection of templates (yet), but you can be assured that all them are near perfect. If not, i'll fix it and you get your money back.


Every customer that has purchased our templates and that we've had contact with says the same; our templates are the best they've ever had. We have never had to give a refund because of a faulty product and that's how I like to keep it. 


Having said this, I also like to warn you about other websites selling templates as well. While I cannot address them by name, do be careful before you purchase a template. Cross-reference them with other templates you find on other websites to see if they are not identical. A lot of websites steal templates and offer them as their own. They are not tested, not theirs and you might be left with a template that is incomplete, doesn't fit correctly and you won't get your money back.


I will gladly help you find an alternative if we don't have the template you are looking for, just don't spend any money on frauds and faulty products.


Note: be careful with 'scam' websites who steal and re-sell templates as their own like Artabrian who has stolen templates from us and are selling these on their website. If you think someone is selling our templates, please contact us. Only we, and only when purchasing from this website, will you be guaranteed of the best quality and will you recieve free updates whenever we improve one of our templates.


Fraudulent template websites to avoid (known to sell/steal templates that are not their own or made by us):
Victory Templates

AND Design




NOTE: When purchasing a template from another website, cross-reference them with other templates of the same model on other websites that offer it for sale. If it is identical it's most likely a 'stolen' template that has not been checked, tested and can be faulty. It should raise a red flag if they don't offer refunds.

How to check if templates are stolen?

That's easy. Every template that we have made, or any other company for that matter, has scans or photographs of the part they've traced. If you ask for them, and they cannot show you them (or at least a single scan/photo); the templates are NOT theirs and they are illegally selling those templates.

To ensure all of our templates stay up to date, I have re-made a lot of our older templates that I did in 2015 and 2016. When I update a template, the update can always be freely downloaded again if you've already purchased the template before. You should also receive an e-mail when there is an update.


If possible, we would like to ask you to notify us if you see our templates being sold anywhere else than on this website. If the tip turns out to be correct, we will give you a template of choice for free and a discount.