MX Printing Service; Let us do the work

Are you a designer yourself, and would you like to create your own MX & Supermoto graphic kits? Then we can help you to get started! All you need is Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw (we advise Illustrator) and you can start your own MX graphics business. By also using our templates you are certain that you are supplying your customers with the best possible quality available today. Hassle free, fast and affordable.

We can offer you the perfect print service for MX & Supermoto graphics. We will guide you through the process of creating your files and how to set them up for print.

Note: We only ship graphics within the E.U.

We are able to deliver the highest possible quality prints and we can give you advice on colors, materials, how to apply graphics and much more. We have a very fast turn around, we print with state of the art 8-color printers with the highest resolution possible for extremely sharp graphics.


We will print your graphics, package them accordingly and ship them to you within a couple of days. We can also add your flyers, decals and other promotional materials to your orders.

We don't keep it a secret that we are using the vinyls & laminates from Substance Incorporated. The products from Substance are currently the best in the world and are being used by the biggest and best MX graphics companies out there.


Pricing & requirements


We can print up to 1240mm in width and 950mm in length (longer or wider files will not be accepted). These should be the dimensions of your print file. You may always make them smaller but never bigger (these won't be accepted).


Nearly all Motocross bike models will fit on these dimensions. To get the most out of your file and money, add other decals or logo's of your company to fill up remaining area's. Make sure these also have a 3mm bleed.


Watch out for tiny details and sharp edges in the cutting line. These can cause trouble during the cutting process. If you add small miniplates to your print, make sure you delete the tiny holes inside and round the edges. Failing to do this might cause damage to the cutter and your print.




For our vinyl and laminate for dirtbikes we use Substance Ultracurve X1 for our print cinyl and the Substance Ultracurve 1500 over-laminate. Of all the vinyls and laminates we have tested over the years, these are without a doubt the best. The vinyl has an air-release adhesive that makes application easier and the laminate is extremely shiny and durable.


For our matte decals we use the same print vinyl but with a different laminate; the Substance Ultracurve 1500 Matte.


For helmet decals we use Substance Ultracurve X1 and Substance Ultracurve 1000. The prices are the same (see image to the left). If you have both helmet decals and dirtbike decals that need to be printed, make sure you seperate them and send them to us in 2 different files. Do NOT mix these. If you do we cannot be held responsible for mistakes.


Pricing details & exceptions


If you order 2 or more full-sheet Matte prints at the same time, the price will drop from €95,- each to €85,- each.


If you order 3 or more full sheets at the same time shipping within Europe will be free (if all 3 are sent to the same address).


If you order one print that is less than 500mm in length, we ask an additional €10,- not including VAT to compensate for waste. If you order multiple prints and one is shorter than 500mm we will not charge the €10,-.


Important: Files need to be sent to us using Wetransfer. Go to their website, attach your files, and then e-mail it to
Only when sent this way, can we accept the files. If you send files in any other way, we might not notice it or forget to print them, so do not attach them as files in an e-mail, send them via Facebook or any other method as this can lead to your files not being printed.

Overseas Outsourcing

Do you already own a successful business and do you need to save time and costs on shipping to Europe? We can help. By having your European orders printed here in the Netherlands, we can quickly deliver your graphics to your customers without them having to wait weeks for their shipment and having to pay import fees and hefty shipping rates.


Download the above file to see what we can do for you and your bussiness.