Custom designs for your company

If you need help to expand your portfolio or product range; we can help. You can either choose to get our pre-made designs to sell to your customers or you can have us make custom pre-made designs for your company according to your wishes.


We have a couple of options available as listed below.


Option 1: Pre-Made Design on our template without 3D renders (€75,-)

Same design but with different colors (€10,- extra per variation)


Option 2: Pre-Made design on our template including three 3D renders (€110,-)

Option 3: Pre-Made design on our template including three 3D renders and 1 3D render with a background (€140,-)


How does it work?

If you want us to design graphics for your business (not directly for your customers, neither do we accept being in touch with your customers), you can contact us using the contact form under Contact. We will send you a couple of questions to figure out what kind of designs you'd like to have. After that, you can send your logo and other logo's/brands that have to be included on the design via Wetransfer to us (we only accept vector files AI, EPS, SVG or PDF).


Do keep in mind that we need a little freedom to make the designs. The more demands you have, the more difficult it becomes for us to design something that's up to par with out standards. We reserve the right to not accept or cancel a design. If you are already not a fan of what we make, we might not be a good fit for you. We have our style and it's difficult for us to deviate from that.


Available models to render:


Husqvarna 2016/2018
Husqvarna 2019+

KTM SXF125+  2016/2018
KTM SXF125+  2019+

Honda CRF250+ 2017/2020
Kawasaki KXF250 2016/2018

Kawasaki KXF450F 2019+

Suzuki RMZ450 2018+

Yamaha YZF450 2016/2018
Yamaha YZF450 2019+


Note: We work with Adobe Illustrator. If you work with Coreldraw, we will first send you a test file to see if you are able to work with it. Once accepted and approved, it is your own responsibility to make sure that you can work with the files we send to you.


Note: It is not possible to send in your own designs to have them rendered on 3D models.