Get your own 3D rendered images

Have your designs professionally rendered on high-quality 3D models that are modified or completely made by us. All of the future models that we are going to add will be based of off real-world 3D scans and will be the most accurate and detailed motocross and streetbike models available. Our 3D scanned and prepped models will also be available to purchase. We bought this professional 3D scanner to make sure that our models are as accurate as possible.


Models available for rendering (download 3D model vector templates below):


2016-2021 TM SMX450
2016-2021 TM MX450
Yamaha YZ125 2015-2021

Yamaha YZ125 2022
KTM Duke 790/890
KTM SMC-R 690 2019-2022

KTM RC390 Duke
Honda CRF450R 2009-2012


Copy the following questions and paste them into the e-mail form below. Also mention if you want renders with a white (transparant) background or one with a background (see background options at the bottom of the page). Also mention how many renders you want. 

Color plastics/painted parts:
Color frame:
Color swingarm:
Color rims/spokes:
Color seatcover:
Supermoto or dirtbike version: 


Send your designs, made on one of our 3D model templates that you can download below, to via (free, no sign-up required). Do not alter the templates. We accept .AI, .EPS and .PDF.


Make sure that we know which design corresponds to which order. So for example, add 'design 1' to the order form, and then also call your file 'design 1'.
When we accept your order and it goes into production, we will send you an invoice. 


Render prices:

One sideview render with a white background: €20,- ex. VAT
One sideview render with a background: €32,- ex. VAT
3 renders (front, side, back) with a white background: €25,- ex. VAT
3 renders (front, side, back) with a white background and one with a background: €50,- ex, VAT
Bikestand render with a white background: €12,- ex. VAT 

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

3D Model Vector templates

The templates below are NOT made for real-world bikes and will NOT fit! They are only suitable for our 3D models. Do not alter or move the templates. Create a clipping mask and add your design. 

3D Scanning

To ensure that our newest models are the best they can be, we equipped ourselves with a professional 3D Scanner. These scanners are often used for product development, reverse engineering and quality control. Accurate to 0.2mm, this scanner is able to pick up every little detail and provides us with the most accurate representation of the bike. The raw 3D scan data cannot be used 'out of the box', so after a scan has been made, many hours are spent on re-modeling the entire bike, making it suitable to be rendered. This way of working allows us to create the most detailed and accurate models that are currently available. It also helps us save time by not having to guess what a part looks like or having to spend hours searching for reference pictures. 

Why should you use 3D renders?

The world isn't standing still. Businesses evolve and are always looking to get an edge over their competitors. By having designs rendered onto high quality 3D models, photorealistic images can be achieved, making it nearly impossible for your customers to differentiate a 'fake' model with the real thing. These renders provide the perfect product images which results in a more professional look for your company. You also don't have to physically print and apply the graphics to the real bike to get good images for your website and social media. This saves a huge amount of time, money and effort. Showing your designs on a flat vector image is going out of style, and customers are often inclined to go for the company that can showcase their products the best.